EDIT (noun): a consciously curated selection of beauty, life, and style based on a specific theme, season, or collection.

This is ours.

Edit Noire is an editorial discovery platform featuring the rich marketplace of beauty, life, and style goods created by Black entrepreneurs and creatives. 

We intentionally curate selections handpicked for us, created by us. Each and every one of the items we feature is created, designed, sold, or owned by a Black entrepreneur or creative. 

Our mission is simple. To create a platform that highlights the depth of Black business, entrepreneurship, and creativity and to effortlessly connect those with the people who are excited about discovering them. An Edit, but make it Black

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Edit Noire uses affiliate links which means we may earn a commission if you purchase an item from the links we use to feature our selections. Every product is independently selected by the Edit Noire team. Read more about our disclosure policy here

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About the Editor

Edit Noire is founded and edited by Tyshia Shante Ingram. A creative writer and brand strategist, she has built a career telling stories in the beauty, health, and wellness space. Her passion for Black women, creatives, and entrepreneurship led her to launch a creative consultancy working with startups, small business owners, and global companies. As a creative writer her work has been featured in numerous magazines including Radiant Health Magazine, an African-focused health and culture publication, and CosmoBiz as a brown beauty and natural hair expert. She currently lends her expertise as a contributing beauty writer to Neutrogena’s The Bar beauty blog. In 2019 she launched her newest venture, Edit Noire. A passion project created to fill a void in the media industry designed to help people effortlessly discover and shop products created by Black entrepreneurs.